Peer Through the Veil

I hate being lied to. Most of us do. Being out of the loop makes one feel insignificant and betrayed. It only makes matters worse when the lie puts people in harms way. That is pure evil. You would think someone couldn’t stoop any lower but they can, and will, when the reason for lying is to expand their already enormous bank accounts. It’s probably safe to say that most of us would do anything to stop such atrocities if we had the chance, especially if those harmed are the ones we love. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are all being lied to in this way and it is almost a guarantee that those we love have been hurt or are even dead as a result. What’s even worse, we are ignorantly handing over the money that funds these evil people which fuels this wickedness even further! I don’t know about you but that makes me a little angry. Ok, it makes me very angry.

So what information is being kept from us? Brace yourself: there is a cure for cancer. And heart disease. And diabetes. And arthritis. And obesity. And stroke. There is a cure for all chronic diseases. Sounds absolutely ludicrous right? Only one way to find out: look at the facts. Facts that have been kept from the publics eye. Knowledge that could end the plague that kills millions upon millions of innocent people every single year! This evil makes Hitler look like Mother Theresa!

So what is the cure? You may be surprised to find that it is the same thing that is causing these diseases: FOOD. Its your dinner. Sounds even more ridiculous right? Well think about it, companies like Coca Cola or Tyson make billions of dollars by selling food. What if there was evidence that their products promotes disease? The honest thing to do would be to label such filth with warning labels. No, I am sorry, the honest thing to do would be to get rid of such poison and offer products that don’t kill people! Sound familiar? It wasn’t long ago that smoking cigarettes was so common, doctors endorsed them. Then BAM, the research leaks and people come to find out that they are killing themselves. Oops.

Is it so hard to fathom that this “mistake” has happened again? Not only has it happened, but it persists on such a scale that it infests every corner of the earth. And we are FUNDING it. Not only are we kept in the dark but we are unknowingly providing the means that allows those responsible to thrive. How so? We are purchasing their poison, of course! Every time you buy a product, you are voting. You are sending a message. You are encouraging whoever produced it to produce more. You are supporting what they and their products stand for! Basic economics, right? And yet, we are willingly paying for products that cause chronic disease and eventually kill us. And then basically giving the guys who are profiting from it a huge thumbs up. Sounds like some strange Si-Fi movie, huh? No, this is reality. This is the world we live in! We live in an age of irresponsible consumerism.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there is more. The food industry isn’t the only one deliberately hiding the truth and making trillions in doing so. The medical industry has joined their ranks. Again, think about it. What happens when you visit the doctor? He finds something to be wrong and prescribes his product. Drugs that put money in his pocket and poison in your body. Don’t forget the pharmaceutical companies! They get the biggest share of the profit. What do we get? Pain, suffering and impossible medical bills that follow. And yes, that only makes their paychecks larger.

It is probably safe to say that you have known someone directly who has died from chronic disease. More than likely a family member. And the cure was there all along. But they kept it from us because, like Andrew Saul says, “good health makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars.” If there truly is a cure for cancer and all other chronic diseases (one that is cheap, safe, and simple to implement) hundreds of businesses and thousands of people would be out of a job. A job that promotes the death of innocent people. That, I would call justice and we do have the power to reveal this cure and stop this evil. We can save our own lives and the lives of those we love! It’s simply a matter of what is for dinner. The research is clear: what fuels your body can either clog it up, attack its systems, and shut it down, or it can clean it out, provide it with vital nutrients and energy, and keep it running smooth year after year after year.

It is time we take sides. Where will you stand? There are only two options. Ignore the truth, fund the evil and die a unnecessary yet agonizingly slow death, or refuse to be a part of the problem, educate yourself with the truth, bring justice to those who benefit from these lies and put an end to this charade! Those of you that believe in God, ask yourself what side he would be on. It’s your choice…

If you would like to know the truth and be a part of the solution, all it takes is effort. Read the research. Buy products that promote life, not death. Spread the word. And do these things knowing that lives are being saved and our world is becoming a better place! Set Life in Motion is a great place to continue the conversation. Sign up to follow the blog. Ask questions. Soon there will be a page with great sources of information through literature, films and more, so stay tuned.

One question you are probably asking is, “so what food should I eat?” I would have to continue on for another 2000 words in order to answer that fully. If you want to have a discussion, I am more than willing. The quick guideline that almost always leads you in a great direction is this: what man has tampered with or produced will lead to disease, but what God has created will lead to a long-lasting, healthy life. For those who are ready to dive in, keep reading. I am including a report I just wrote for school (I have been studying this myself for three and a half years). It is a review of a research project called The China Study written by T. Colin Campbell. I highly recommend you start here, so pick up a copy and change your life forever…

The China Study is the most extensive nutritional research ever performed. In this research novel, T. Colin Campbell shares his findings on nutrition and its correlation to human health. After twenty-three years of continuous study and producing over “8,000 statistically significant associations between various dietary factors and disease,” Campbell provides more than enough compelling facts to “change your diet and dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.” Personally, this research has changed my life forever and I am in complete agreement with Dean Ormish when he says that “this is one of the most important books about nutrition ever written – reading it may save your life.”

Growing up on a farm, Campbell has always appreciated and applied the power of nature through nutrition. Making his way through college, he began to see an even more profound connection between disease and diet. Setting out to put his theories to the test, he uncovered crucial information that could save the lives of millions and has made himself very well-known in the scientific community. In his novel, the China Study, he organized and directed a research project that surveyed sixty-five counties in twenty-four providences in China.

His results are incredibly clear: diet is the greatest contributing factor to disease.  Pointing out that the average person is convinced their genetic make-up plays a predetermined role, Campbell proves otherwise. Comparing men of the same ethnicity and origin, he shows how those still living in their country and culture of origin are much healthier and have little incidence of disease compared to those who have left to live in America and established new dietary habits and traditions accordingly. “Here in America, we are affluent, and we die certain deaths because of it. We eat like feasting kings and queens every day of the week, and it kills us,” compared to other traditional cultures who do not suffer our diseases of affluence primarily because of the differences in diet. The message is simple: the more meat, dairy, and processed foods consumed, the higher the incidence of disease. On the other hand, a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods that are minimally or never processed keeps the body balanced and healthy into old age. Campbell also points out that the diet that arrests and even reverses cancer is the same diet that produces identical results in heart disease, diabetes or any other chronic disease. This reveals the true importance of diet and its effect on all disease. Throughout the book, Campbell addresses the most detrimental chronic diseases individually as he provides the research and proof to show how diet can either fight against and cure such diseases or it can assist and allow the disease to conquer.

After reading such shocking information, an important question becomes obvious: why is this information not widely known? If we have the power to conquer the worlds most devastating diseases, how has “the incidence of diabetes increased 33%” from 1990 to 1998?” Why is it that “malfunction of the heart and/or circulation system will kill 40% of Americans?” Campbell is adamant about revealing this atrocious truth and focuses the last third of his book on blowing the whistle on those who are keeping this information out of the publics hands. Simply enough, plant foods are not nearly as profitable as the meat, diary, and processed food industries, so the research and knowledge that stands in the way of these power-hungry corporate giants will not be tolerated. The results that the China Study has uncovered has the power to destroy these awful industries, but unfortunately, they have the upper hand. Campbell admits “I was on the inside of the system for many years, working at the very top levels, and saw enough to be able to say that science is not always the honest search for truth that so many believe it to be. It far too often involves money, power, ego and protection of personal interests above the common good.” Sadly, we have discovered the information that can cure cancer, heart disease and all other chronic illnesses but it is being stifled by industries who would perish because of it. There is good money in disease but very little in health. We must take back the control and knowledge of our food if disease is ever to be defeated.

As a scientist, T. Colin Campbell is interested in one thing: facts. In his novel, The China Study, it is clear that his goal is to spread the truth, no matter what changes need to be made in order to embrace it. Through his wisdom and talents he has revealed information that can change the world if we choose to utilize it. I, for one, see no reason why people need to continue dying unnatural, painful deaths by the millions. The most interesting thing I have learned from this novel is the true desires of the food industry. We are being lied to and we are dying because of it. It is time to take back our God-given control and live healthy and happy lives. The information presented in The China Study has the power to do just that. It is incredibly effective at stating the facts and challenging those who are suffering from these awful disease to make a change and become healthy again.


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